Legal statement

Article 1 This website is intended to provide toits best efforts financial products and trading platform of professional andinternational standards for the majority of global digital assets enthusiastsand investors, on the precondition that it does not violate any of the relevantlaws and regulations of the Independent State of Samoa. It is prohibited to usethis Website for the purpose of engaging in such illegal trading activities asmoney laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery; where any account is foundto involve any of the aforementioned illegal activities, this Website willfreeze the account and immediately report such account to the competentauthority. Article 2 Where a competent authority, on thestrength of applicable investigation certificate, requests this Website tocooperate with the investigation relating to any designated user, or if theaccount of the user is subject to such measures as closure, freezing, ortransfer, this Website will, as is required by the competent authority, assistsuch authority by providing corresponding data relating to the account user, orcarrying out the corresponding operation as is required by the competentauthority; for any disclosure of the user’s privacy, failure in the operation of theaccount and any such losses arising therefrom, this Website will not be heldliable in any manner whatsoever. Article 3 Where a user of this Website violatesany provision in this statement and consequently violates any clause ofrelevant laws of the Independent State of Samoa, this Website, as a serviceprovider, is obliged to improve the rules and services of this platform.However, this Website does not have either the motivation for violating any lawof the Independent State of Samoa, nor has this Websites commits any actualbreach of any of the relevant laws of the laws of the Independent State ofSamoa, and will not assume any joint or several liability for the acts of theuser. Article 4 Any person that logs into this Websiteor uses this Website directly or indirectly shall be deemed


第壹條 本網站的宗旨是在不違反薩摩亞獨立國相關法律法規的前提下,盡可能地為全球廣大數字資產愛好者及投資者提供專業的國際化水準的交易平臺和金融產品。禁止使用本網站從事洗錢、走私、商業賄賂等壹切非法交易活動,若發現此類事件,本站將凍結賬戶,立即報送有權機關。 第二條 當有權機關出示相應的調查文件要求本站配合對指定用戶進行調查時,或對用戶賬戶采取查封、凍結或者劃轉等措施時,本站將按照有權機關的要求協助提供相應的用戶數據,或進行相應的操作。 因此而造成的用戶隱私泄露、賬戶不能操作及因此給所造成的損失等,本站不承擔任何責任。 第三條 本網站使用者因為違反本聲明的規定而觸犯薩摩亞獨立國相關法律的,本站作為服務的提供方,有義務對平臺的規則及服務進行完善,但本網站並無觸犯薩摩亞獨立國相關法律的動機和事實,對使用者的行為不承擔任何連帶作用。 第四條 凡以任何方式登錄本網站或直接、間接使用本網站服務者,視為自願接受本網站聲明的約束。 第五條 本聲明未涉及的問題參考薩摩亞獨立國的有關法律法規,當本聲明與薩摩亞獨立國相關法律法規沖突時,以薩摩亞獨立國相關法律法規為準。